An outstanding perfume conference at ILCI Business School


By Gregory Mercier on April 15, 2019

On March 29, ILCI had the honor of welcoming Mrs. Yvette Moretti. She gave an intoxicating lecture on perfume for our MBA Luxe students, future managers in the field.

14:05, Friday, March 29, 2019 at 4 rue de Veronese, in the premises of the ILCI Business School, Mrs. Moretti closes the door of Room 2. Yvette Moretti is a demanding woman with others as she is with herself. The conference begins. Quickly, she opens the book of her life, her temper, her strong choices and her rich career in the field of luxury and perfumes in particular. A career that began forty years ago with a technical sales position for a brand at the time little known: Weil perfumes. The beginnings are convincing. First sales, first successes, without marketing or advertising.

Self-taught and intuitive, Yvette Moretti instantly understands the importance of customer relations: “You must always listen to consumers and be able to analyze their attitudes, their body language”. So much thanks to the excellent results, it stands out quickly from others. And especially since it innovates by proposing a new classification of perfumes that it calls “taste classification”.

The sensory experience at the heart of the customer relationship

cours de parfum

This classification is the fruit of the know-how. She created it to better meet the expectations of customers. These are always at the center of her attention. The discovery of a perfume is a sensory, emotional experience that must be accompanied. So, each of her words and her gesture are thought out, harmonized. Madame Moretti invites us into her imaginary world. At this moment, the second phase of the conference begins – Experience!
Each in turn, she shows us how a perfume consultation takes place. To carry it out, there are codes to respect! Then, she explains how to choose the different flavors during the test, taking into account the tastes, needs of the clients. Then, it is the magic of the meeting and the dialogue that accompanies it to do the rest. She tells us about the relationship to childhood, the strength of smells and the indelible memories they leave in us. The minutes scroll and, nobody looks at his phone, rare!
For four hours, Mrs. Moretti showed us her rigor and professionalism, insisting on these virtues that are at the base of any success. She enchanted us, captivated. At 6 pm, the applause of the students comes to conclude the session, no one wants to leave the room 2. The magic appears again.
Thank you Mrs Moretti and see you next year.