The V.A.E (Validation of Acquired Experience) allows to validate all, or at least part of a degree while taking advantage of his career. It is about giving more recognition to the skills and knowledge acquired during his professional experience through the acquisition of a recognized diploma. Without necessarily attending school, a person whose qualifications meet the required expectations can apply for a diploma. VAE is possible for several sectors including commerce. There is no age, status or level of training requirement. Nevertheless, one must have worked at least three years in the sector in connection with the diploma in order to be able to demand this certification.

This VAE has many advantages, a person wishing to move towards VAE does not have to follow the initial training, a special training will be delivered to him. In addition, going through the VAE also allows to fill a better position, to evolve professionally within his company. Thus, the obtaining of a diploma brings an awareness of the course carried out, and a better confidence in oneself. In addition, doing VAE helps the candidate in the job market. It is a lever for all those who have not had the chance to graduate.

A multitude of choices is available to you if you want to validate your VAE. At ILCI, we highlight MBA degrees (RNCP level1). The sectors that you will be able to evolve and according to the chosen specialization are the following:


  • Audit & Consulting
  • Trade
  • Management
  • Logistics
  • Communication


Our school is one of the best ways for you to access this VAE. Our school has the opportunity to give you your diploma after checking your skills. It will be necessary to prepare a file together. In the case where some business skills are not acquired, we will offer you catch-up sessions. At the end, the candidate is called for an individual interview with a jury that determines whether the Validation of Acquired Experience is granted.

Come to join us! Evolve in your company, change better jobs or start entrepreneurship!