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Learning French in Paris


You’d like to learn French from 0?

You want to learn French to prepare for DELF/DALF test?

You plan to apply for French schools?

You hope to travel and live in France?

You desire to chase your career in French-speaking areas?



Parlez-vous francais?  Join us to learn authentic French in Paris!


Who are we?

ILCI-FLE is the Institute of Language and Business School in Paris. Founded in 2004, we have more than 15 years’ experience in teaching French as foreign language and we constantly improve our methods. We offer a wide range of French course from level A1 to C1 to meet your personal or professional goals. With our campus located in Paris, you will benefit from a rich linguistic and cultural environment for learning authentic French.

We will cooperate with IESIG – FLE program in real teaching process.


Our certificate

Our courses are recognized by CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). At the end of the course, you will rece

ive a CEFRL certificate corresponding to your level.

Our teams

Our teachers are all native French certificated to teach French as foreign language (FLE- Français Langue Etrangère). They all, with open and inspiring insights, have at least 5 years of experience of teaching international students. To help you with making progress is their pleasure!

Our administrative team is such a group of patient and attentive people. They are all caring and responding to students’ needs. To facilitate the communication with the international students, our team is fully capable to speak French, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and has experience of supporting thousands of foreign students to settle in Paris.


Our students

At ILCI, students from all over the word get together to learn French language and culture. More importantly, here is the where the different cultures meet and are appreciated! We share our love to French language and to our ILCI-FLE community!


Our campus

Located in Paris 13th arrondissement, 2 minutes away from the subway station Maison Blanche (line 7 and future line 14), our campus benefits from the convenient public transportation and is surrounded by various restaurants, café, and green space. Inside, all the classrooms are modernly equipped with interactive boards and other pedagogic tools to make learning more efficient and fun. Free Wi-Fi, study lounge with computers, coffee machine is just at your hand!


Our goals

Here we aim to equip you with solid professional advantages and develop your personal interests by bringing your knowledge. But we’d love to make your staying in Paris meaningful and memorable by building a sincere relationship with every one of you!

If you hope to continue your studies at ILCI in a management and business or other branch program, you are more than welcome!


How we teach

  • General French

In our general French program, we focus on the basic training of grammars + reading, writing, listening and speaking in many kinds of situations. The aim is to help students to acquire the tools to communicate.


  • Workshop

In our 20h/week intensive course, we assign 2 hours each day to the French workshop. In this workshop, students will be able to intensively develop and reinforce certain skill(s) on listening, speaking. Or to get trained for the preparation of DELF/ DALF test. Or to dive into the French cultures beyond the language itself.


  • Outdoor activity

We organize one outdoor activity each month to enrich students’ campus life. At the same time, students can not only apply what they learn to practice, but also to feel and experience a real French touch at the heart of France – Paris!


  • Interactive and personalized

With the aid of modern teaching equipment, our teachers will motivate the students to interact in class for better absorption and practice about French. At the meantime, our teachers will “personalize” the questions and contents to each student’s level and will adapt their teaching methods to students’ learning habits as much as they can.


  • Immersing learning environment

Our students are composed by different nationalities. Here we’d say NO to our mother language and get immersed into the pure French speaking environment.


Educational Materials:

« Tendances » is our main supportive materials in class. You can buy it in any bookstore as GIBERT JEUNE, FNAC and GIBERT JOSEPH, or simply online.


But not only! Our teachers are all experienced of teaching with a variety of audio and video resources. Here you will improve your French in an optimal way with our interactive, communicative and practical teaching methods in class. We aim to help students with developing an auto-active learning ability.


Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us and discover more possibilities with us!

Tel: 01 84 23 45 68

E-mail : fle@ilci.fr

Time : 9h30 – 17h30

Address: 20-22 Rue du Tage, 75013 Paris ( Subway line 7 station Maison Blanche )