Study in Paris



You need to apply for a French Visa if you are a Non EU/EE/SWISS citizen. You can register first with Campusfrance and must apply at the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence in order to carry out administrative procedures. Student VISA: Long stay Visas act as residence permits and are called VLT-TS. They are valid over 3 months. On your arrival in France, you must contact the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII), send them the official form issued by your consulate, possibly have a medical examination and pay a fee of EUR 58 in the form of a tax stamp (available from tabacs (tobaconists), tax offices and online.Your visa will then lasts 1 year. You must renew it 2 months before the visa expires.Note: ILCI is unable to take students with short stay or tourist visas. Current French legislation forbids to turn a tourist visa into a student visa.


If you have got a student visa, you must contact the nearest OFI from the place you live within the 3 first months after your arrival in order to validate your residence permit.


Procedure of renewing your visa or residence permit can take long due to wait time for appointment. We strongly advice to start the process of renewing 3 to 5 months at your local prefecture before your visa or residence permit expires. Please note: If you are missing documents during your appointment, you will be asked to provide them once obtained.


ILCI does not provide students with an accommodation, they need to find them on their own. It is strongly advised to have settled this matter before coming to Paris as it can turn out to be difficult and expensive. CROUS’s Academic homes and hall of residences prioritize scholarship students and waiting list can be long. For more information: Useful information for your research:

Public residences

Crous de Paris 39 avenue Georges Bernanos 75005 Paris 01 40 51 55 55

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) 19 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris 01 44 16 64 00

Office d’Accueil et de Services étudiants – OSE 11 rue Serpente 75006 Paris 08 20 20 23 30

Private residences

Immojeune en partenariat avec l’ILCI Contactez-nous afin de recevoir votre code de connexion.