DURATION               2 years

STARTS                       Spring

REQUIREMENTS             3 year degree (180 ECTS) for the first year

                                                   4 year degree (240 ECTS) for the second year




Thanks to the liberalization of trade and investment and the development of technology, the prevalence of international business has increased significantly during the last part of the twentieth century. Today, global competition affects nearly every company—regardless of size. Many source suppliers from foreign countries and still more compete against products or services that originate abroad. International business remains a broad concept that encompasses the smallest companies that may export or import with different countries, as well as the largest global firms with integrated operations and strategic alliances around the globe.


The MBA in International Business Development helps, in 2 years, in understanding the managerial, functional and operational demands of international organizations to enhance the development of international businesses.


The MBA International Business Development is designed to combine the appropriate business practices, management capabilities and leadership skills with an in-depth understanding of international development goals and processes. This combination provides graduates with the needed capabilities to plan, organize and deliver international development programs and projects.


The program is organized to help students achieve the following key learning outcomes:


  • Competencies in global leadership and strategy


  • Competencies in marketing and promotion


  • Competencies in commercial development and negotiation


  • Competencies in international commercial transactions and supply chain management


  • Competencies in international management.


By the end of these courses, you will be able to get an international overview of a company, identify and analyze problems in order to solve them and help a company to develop an international business.


Key Features

  • Degree certified level I by the RNCP(5)
  • Deep insight into international management
  • Develop skills in international business
  • Highly qualified faculty
  • 100% taught in English
  • program in Paris


Jobs Openings

  • International Project Manager
  • International Product Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Import/Export Manager
  • International Business Developer




Communication skills

Cross cultural Negotiation in Europe

Customer Relationship Management

Economics and European market

International Business Law

International Sales Techniques

International Sourcing

Leadership & Organizational Behavior

Managerial Accounting & Control perspective

Marketing Management

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Public speaking Communication

Social networks and digital marketing

Strategic Marketing


INTERNSHIP (optional if work experience)


FRENCH (optional)